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The Wards

We are the Ward family.

Jr, Tiffany, Maezlynn, Oakleigh, and Laramey.

We founded our farm in early 2016. Jr knew he needed a backup plan for the fluctuating coal mines


Our main crop in 2016 was hops. We saw a market that West Virginia hadn’t ventured into and took a leap. At first, we planted 50 plants and then continued to add. At this moment we have 1/4 acre of hops.

For Mother's day one year, Tiffany asked for a garden, it was small, maybe 4x6? It worked for us. The next year we went a tad bigger but the weather and inexperience got to us. We took a year off then planted the 2018 garden. It was a success for the most part. We never knew how much we could enjoy gardening. We currently have a 2,800 square foot garden. With room to grow!

We have found ourselves diving deeper and deeper into growing what we can and making use of what grows on our land.

Last year alone We canned around 250 jars of food.

We sold our entire hop crop. Mostly to

Weathered Ground Brewery

(Drink local y’all!)

We attempted to grow mushrooms. (BUMMER)

We made use of “weeds” on the property with medical properties. We made salves we used on the family all year to help heal ailments.

We raised chicks, we lost chicks.

We put up solar.

Over the past few months, we have been working on our sugarbush. We are planning to have Maple Syrup from our farm for sale in 2021

We stay busy, but we aren’t done. We see so much opportunity for growth. (Not by kids, we are DONE)

We are so glad you are here.

We hope you stick around to see all the amazing things we have planned.

If you want to share our page with some of your family or friends who may be interested in things we have to offer, we wouldn't mind a bit.


The Wards

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